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Bold of Being

Bold of Being


Let’s Dance!

Queer Spirit Summer Festival ~ Come and Join in β˜€οΈ

Silhouttes of people dancing in a multicolour of lights 
Text reads: QS Bridwell Park, Devon 17 - 21 August 2023.

I hope that this finds you dancing, moving somehow through the transition of Spring into Summer. Even batting an eyelash is a move.
Come and join in the ritual this Summer, so we dance, we move.

In August — I will be down at the Queer Spirit Festival, holding a ceremonial container for an Ancestral Get Down, where we will dance with and for our Resplendent Ancestors in a field in Devon, moving with joy for the bright beings that we all are. There will also be an Ancestral Movement session where we will somatically find our signature energy moves, to help us as we move through our days, to clear our energies and then to invite in and replace what we’ve cleared out with joyful beautiful grace. These are then moves that you can take with you that are inherent to your body, to you, and use in your every day life, whenever you need it.

Ancestral Movement: Friday 18th August, 2pm, Big Top, for 1 hour.

The Ancestral Get down is a structured dance party starts with a prayer/invocation, a wish to be connected in such a way with our Ancestors, and to dance with them, for ourselves, for them, and the sacred aspect of dancing for those who are unable to at that time – for whatever reason, including for those who may have had to hide their joy, aren’t able to fully express it because of the fear or sanction, we will dance for ourselves, for all. 6pm Friday in the BIG TOP, with Ancestral Movement workshop earlier in afternoon to prepare for the dance.

Ancestral Get Down: Friday 18th August, 6pm, Big Top for 90 mins.

The Festival itself runs from 17th to 21st August Bridwell Park, Devon and is “a not-for-profit, grassroots community event, run by volunteers, celebrating the creative magical spirit of LGBTQ+ people. The theme for this year’s festival is ‘Reclaiming Queer Nature'”

Please come and support and join in. For more information on the Festival, see here for a list of all the workshops and Facilitators, ticket info:

A poster style image of multicolour lights, silhouettes of people moving as if at a dance event, a brown bird flies over the green Queer Spirit logo.
17 -21 August 2023
Text reads as:
Top - A space to come and be yourself in all the fullness of who you are as a sexual, creative, emotional, spiritual being.
Middle - Bring your Uniqueness to the world
Bottom - Performance, workshops, Ceremonies, Dance Parties, Sacred Sexuality, Temple Healing Space, Meditation, Ecology, Drumming Shamanism, Astrology, Yoga, Chill space, Kids space, Cafes, Traders, Drag Corner, Fire Circle.

Festival TIckets Summer 2023 Bridwell Park Devon. Reclaiming Queer nature.

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